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BIG BoneHeads are Buyers and Sellers of Trophy Antlers, Heads and Skulls; Black Bear Claws, Paws, Hides and more; Tanned Furs; Game Bird Feathers and Skins; Game Meat; and Trophy Hunts


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Has your wife or girlfriend told you to get rid of some of your antlers?
Have you found a great pickup head?
Are you running out of walls to hang your trophy heads on?
Has your Trophy room expanded into the garage or shed?
Do you need a trophy head to brag about to fellow hunters?
Do you have velvet antlers to get rid of?
Do you want some extra cash for more hunting equipment?
Do you have a Governor or Landowner License that you need a top line guide for?
Is your freezer full of black bear hides that you haven’t taken to the taxidermist?
Are you in need of top quality game meat?

If you are one of these individuals, BIG BoneHeads can solve your problem.

BIG BoneHeads are Buyers and Sellers of:

Trophy Antlers, Horns and Skulls
Black Bear Hides, Rugs, Skulls, Paws, Claws and More
Tanned Furs
Game Bird Feathers and Skins
Trophy Big Game Hunts
USDA inspected farm raised Game Meat

Contact us by phone or email if you are interested in selling or buying. Send us a photo of what you have to sell and we will do our best to make a top dollar offer.

We don’t deal in shed antlers or reproductions, only trophy quality heads

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